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Whether it be Overhead or Underground, the team here at Proform Electrical have the training and skill required to get you connected to the network however complex the situation may be.

We can assist in:

  • Liasing with the supply authority

  • 100-2000amp Services

  • RMS Specification works

  • LV Cable Jointing

  • Private Poles

  • Pole Replacement

  • Application submission

  • PUMS & Special Small Services

  • UGOH Connections

  • Private Lighting 

  • Disconnect / Reconnect


From private subdivisions to factory units, the dedicated team at Proform Electrical can assist with design, engineering and delivery of your project.

With power analysis equipment we can monitor your power supply for maximum demand and give you an accurate reading when looking to upgrade your power supply. Proform Electrical will assist you in completing your projects from design to handover due to our great relationship with several Level 3 electrical designers and multiple Level 1 ASP's whom are also clients of ours.

We can assist in:

  • Project Design

  • Power analysis

  • Private Subdivisions

  • Main Switchboard design & installation

  • Coordination of substation design & installation

  • Generator Installations


Since December 2017, power retailers have taken over the role of supplying electricity meters throughout NSW. Let us do the mind-numbing paperwork an d liaison with retailers to set up the accounts and get your meter installed in a timely manner. We are licensed to install all retailers metering equipment.

Let us take care of:

  • Retailer Liaison

  • Whole current meter installation

  • Account set-up

  • CT Meter Installation

The team at Proform Electrical have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete your civil electrical works. From trenching and conduit installation to road crossings and under bores, we will find a way to get your cables where they need to be.

  • Design & Construct power reticulation

  • Cable Installations

  • Excavation for electrical and communication networks

  • Concrete & bitumen reinstatement

  • Foundation installation for lighting poles

  • Cable Pits

  • Concrete & road cutting

  • Pit & pipe services

  • Backfill & compaction to standard

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